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Wine Lovers Gift Pack (Gift Wrap Only)
Wine Lovers Gift Pack (Gift Wrap Only)
Wine Lovers Gift Pack (Gift Wrap Only)

Wine Lovers Gift Pack (Gift Wrap Only)

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An indulgent gift that keeps on giving! Treat someone special to six wines of your choice and optional accessories wrapped beautifully with sticker and ribbon, including a personalised card and message.

1 x Six Pack Gift Wrap Only (Gifting to one person) 

IMPORTANT! This product is cost of gift wrap ONLY and does NOT include cost of wines or accessories. Please follow these steps to customise your gift:

1. Select wines & accessories to cart. 
Mix and match wine varieties, or accessories of your choosing. Wines must be purchased in quantities of 6 or more due to shipping requirements.

2. Add Gift Wrap product to your cart.
Please note: This product includes individual swing tag and ribbon for one wine only. Please add as many swing tags as required according to your order. (For instance: x 6 for a 6 pack of wines, x 12 for a dozen...)

3. Include your personalised message in the order notes (optional).
Before proceeding to checkout please include your gift wrap message in the order notes section. Choose from the following gift cards: Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Love Always, Cheers to You, A Gift for You. 

Please call Georgie on 0409 231 246 if you have any issues, or EMAIL US for assistance.